names Junior, Dec. 90's baby, Love God and fam, GSWARRIORS, SF49ers, SJSharks,SFGiants.. im hella kool so uhmmm.. follow me.. hahah. for real though, im pretty chill, nice. willing to be friends. Dedicating my tumblr to spread God's messages




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  2. I hate it when Christians are trying to force people to believe and worship God by scaring them into this “forever” burning Hell. As I’ve known and Learned, hell DOES NOT BURN FOREVER! it is not Biblical. Got questions? ask bout me for real. DONT LET ANYONE scare you into believing that.

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  3. We are not saved by works BUT, We can be judged by them.We cannot work our way to the favor of God, but our works testifies if God is in the heart.

    is He in our hearts today?

  4. mann i love thiss picture! HAPPY SABBATH YALL!! 

    mann i love thiss picture! HAPPY SABBATH YALL!! 

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  5. thank Jesus for the Sabbath.

    Peace of Heaven